Friday, 31 May 2013

5 Hair Tips For Women Over 50!

women over 50
Are you still concerned about your hair, even at this mature stage in your life? You and countless other women are searching for the same hair care tips. For those of us 50 or older, managing our hair may become a bit more difficult. As we age, hair becomes more brittle and weak - leading to hair damage, split ends and frizzy hair. Hair may begin to gray and often we experience increased hair fall, thinning and hair loss. Combine this with hair styles that are more "suited" to our age, and hair care for women over 50 can be a handful. Here are 5 great hair tips for women over 50!

Women Over 50 - Why You Stopped Losing on a Low Carb Diet and How To Fix It

women over 50

If you are like most women over 50 who go on a low carb diet you likely found that after about two weeks your weight loss slowed or even stopped. Low carb diets came on the dieting scene a few decades ago and they are still being used today, mostly because they produce fast weight loss, at least at the start of your diet. 

In this article we will take a look at some of the special circumstances facing women in the menopausal stage of life and how carbs can be timed to break through a weight loss plateau.

Women Over 50 - Break Your Diet Plateau and Get Your Hormones Working For You

A diet plateau is never a place you want to find yourself. For women over 50 it can seem particularly difficult to get over the hump and break through the weight loss plateau. When it comes to losing weight your ability or inability is determined by your hormones. In this article you will learn how to get your fat-burning hormones working for you to get the scale dropping again.
women over 50